Is your career like a roller coaster?

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My kids love the roller coasters, but I’m not such a fan. Unfortunately a career can be like a roller coaster as well.

You can climb up really slow, slide gently with considerable speed up the next hill and then get into a huge spiral that scares you, only to come to a sudden halt and all turned out to be fine.

Like with taking a ride in the roller coaster, you need to be prepared when you embark on your career path. You need to be of a certain height and weight for the roller coaster and you need to be educated and skilled for your career path. You need to fasten your seat belt in the roller coaster and likewise you need to make sure you take care of your career and take precautions not to slip out of control. The roller coaster has a fixed path but you may not know it and experience the ride as  a series of sudden twists and turns, well similarly in your career, although there may be a path when you look back at retirement, you may not be able to see it clear when you are in the middle of it.

Try to relax and enjoy your ride, with the right preparation you will even enjoy it more. Don’t be too concerned with the fast downhill slopes and remember to be mentally prepared for the next tail spin, after all, other than with the roller coaster, you can steer your career path and work to get back on track.