It is not all about the education

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Although it may be difficult to navigate an automated recruitment system when you do not have the diploma that is required for the position, it is never all about the education. You probably know the stories about MIT or STANFORD educated people who fail to be successful at jobs and people who came to the top with just a High School education.[break][break]

After some years of experience you will find; it is not about “the right” education but about doing the right things with the education you have.[break][break]

Often also presented as; it is not about getting married with “the right” partner but more about doing the right things with the partner you married.[break][break]

It is attitude that plays a major role and continuing to  work on yourself. If you can imagine that you (or your career) is a product that you try to get people interested in, then you need to work on it every year and implement changes and improvements along the way. Doing the right things means looking out for opportunities to embrace, continuing to educate yourself in the area you want to be active in. Be a member of the right associations, go the conferences or meet ups and be a player in your field. It will give you a broad range of ideas and topics to discuss during interviews and you probably broaden your network at the same time.