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In planning your day, planning your career, working your job, attending a festival, attending a job-fair, going on vacation, planning a party etc. it is always about the pre-work. I can not emphasize more how important planning and  pre-work is.

Yes I have been on vacation without any pre-work. Let’s just go and we’ll see what happens……. only to find out when you are back home that you were actually a few miles from something great to see or experience.

Well like wise with attending job fairs. You must plan ahead and check out the companies that will be there. Usually there is a website that will list them or you can search information about last year’s event  or just ask the organization ahead of time for a list of companies.

You don’t want to come back home and find out after the fact that you missed visiting with a company that is on your favorites list. It is a lot of work but you really need to ensure that you do your homework on the companies that are out there. Make sure you bring copies of your resume but don’t just print off 5o copies of the same resume, you will tweak the resume to the companies where you intend to apply. Highlight some skills that would be of interest for a particular company and provide them with the resume that you have tweaked to best show how you would fit their profiles.

“Dress to impress” so they won’t forget you were there and make sure you follow up by putting your information into the online recruiting system, as companies these days tend to only accept applications that way and try to mention your visit and chat with the company recruiters on the job fair somewhere in your application.

Other than that, keep your smile, also with the last company you visit! Remember you maybe talking to your future colleagues.