Job search approach; shotgun or sniper?

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Finding positions to apply for should be easy these days. Lots of search engines to turn to and more information available at your finger tips than ever before. So why does your job search not go so smooth?[break][break]

One of the myths that exists is that you can so easily now apply for many jobs because it is all online and the days of sending a handwritten letter and neatly typed resume are over. It could not be more from reality! Applying for jobs still takes considerable time. More often than not companies have their own proprietary recruitment system or if they use an existing recruitment system, remember that there are over 125 different recruiting systems on the market and even companies who use the exact same system will have configured it differently to suit their needs and navigating it will take considerable time.[break][break]

It is essential that you adjust the focus in your resume to the position that you are applying for. It will give you the best opportunity to get through the algorithms of the recruitment software and get to the desk of the hiring decision makers.[break][break]

This plus the joy of registering for the system, remembering the password and keeping track of which resume you have sent to which company for what position, makes applying for jobs still very time consuming. There is nothing wrong with this as it is an important decision to figure out where you want to work and for companies it is an important decision to hire someone. [break][break]

The above underlines though that you would be better off applying only for those positions that you know you will have a great chance of actually be considered for. The shotgun approach of applying to any job that seems anywhere a bit feasible will keep you busy, but will not necessarily produce any better results than focusing on just the best suitable jobs out there.[break][break]

So my advice, be like the sniper, invest your time wisely in preparing all necessary documents and focus on quality rather than quantity of applications. Companies don’t waste their time interviewing 100 people to find the one employee, they rather invest in selection software and tools and cut the number of people they have to interview. Likewise you need to invest in finding out exactly where your best opportunity would be and don’t waste your time registering and applying for jobs you actually know are not for you.