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Lizbeth Romero has created a tool for job seekers to help them organize their job search. It is a six-week program focused on helping job seekers get into interviews. You can learn more here:

they called it, internally, Project Hope. As a job seeker she had lost hope. She was in a dark place. The discouragement was heavy. In Project Hope (aka, the Job Search Program) she tap into the brilliance of Mark LeBlanc’s decades of study and systems to help small businesses get more clients. With his permission she adapted some of his systems and teachings for job seekers. she created a six-week program that walks you through simple but important tasks to work on every day for 6 weeks. The program is simple, and forgiving, but there is work to do.

If you know someone who is in a job search, please share this with them. Proper actions can overpower despair. Results can bring someone out of hopelessness. Traction can lead them to their next role. The “introductory” price right now is $197. The feedback has been very favorable. And getting a “thank you” from people who have used this program and landed a job has been so rewarding. Here’s the link to share: