Test Training

Let’s get some practice

Pre-employment tests come in a variety of forms. They form an enhancement of the recruiting process and are considered a better tool than the very subjective interviewing by company staff, even when the interview was done as a “structured interview”. The test will show how you fit for the job. The predictive value of the test is not absolute and you would do well to ensure you are familiar with the types of questions you will get. Below we have some resources that will help you prepare for this part of the recruitment process. Remember there are no right or wrong answers, if done well the test will show your personality or the fit for the job based on your aptitude and when that is not what you expected you either got thrown off by a very new form of questions (hence the preparation you should do) or you have not realized that this career may not be for you and you’ll have something to ponder.[break][break]

Get some great explanations with this video:

After that, from the UK get access to a whole range of psychometric testing to practice http://www.how2become.co.uk/free-psychometric-tests/ You need to actually go and register, go to checkout for an amount of 0 and then you’ll get access. No credit card necessary.[break][break]

This is a great resources, you’ll have to download a pdf with your login information and after that you’ll see a screen like this: TESTSUITE [break][break]

To get a great training in what various pre employment tests can ask of you, you should do all the tests and we can go over the results for the areas where you score lower. We are developing a short “best of Pre employment testing” test that you will be able to take and that will give you immediate feedback on how you have done and what the right response was and why.[break][break]

And some more practice

I don’t want to repeat great available overviews of tests and theories so I’ll refer you this page HERE  from  www.businessballs.com with a great overview. It explains the various theories behind the tests and gives summaries of the major ones:[break][break]


Here you can find an explanation of the report you’ll receive after taking the Birkman Method test:

You can also print this:  Manual Brinkman test   and do the Brinkman Test and score it yourself so you get a feel for what the results would look like.[break][break]

Do a Myer Briggs test HERE and find out the details about what those four letter abbreviations mean HERE. Don’t worry, there is no good or bad answer. The typology will help you to understand why you can work better with some people in some situations and do not really enjoy working in other situations or with other people.[break][break]

HERE is a test that is based on the Jung typology and it basically also gives you one of the 16 personality types as in the test above.[break][break]