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Before we run the list of job sites for you, here is some advice for your jobsearch:[break][break]

Get Organized!

You may at first think that your notes in emails will be enough or that you will remember the jobs you have applied for and the resumes you have sent. Believe me, you won’t. After a few weeks all will become very fuzzy and you will start to mix up companies and positions and the recruiter who does give you a call will notice and it won’t look good.Young beautiful woman using a laptop computer at home

Also your spreadsheet is not enough to help you out. Spreadsheet are not designed for this kind of work and you need to get something more sophisticated than that. Remember you need to keep track of jobs you applied to, resumes you sent, cover letters you created, company information you researched, information on the people in the companies that you know, information on the people in the companies that will talk to you, who they are, what their background is, notes about conversations, register of references and who you have asked for what position to be a reference. etc etc. Sales organizations have this kind of software for their sales calls but that may not work for you. Try Jibber Jobber they have a great free option that may be of great help for you. (btw I don’t get paid a penny to recommend services, if I do I’ll tell you honestly).

So with that now it is over to:[break][break]

The Search

When you search for jobs, you probably want not only many links to potential jobs but also relevant links to jobs that would be perfect for you.

Luckily there are lots of websites to help you out. Not all websites are the same though. Some are Job Boards, those are sites where employers actually post jobs for a fee, and some are search engines, those are sites that roam the web and search for jobs and then link to them. Some are general, that is they list any job they can find, some are specific to a certain group of jobs, or a certain geographical area or both. There are companies who do not like to put their jobs out in the open search engines and so there are also search engines to help you find jobs listed only on company websites. Most website use the automated programs that roam the internet for jobs. Some jobboard websites have people looking at the listings and verifying the information before posting them. These websites usually require you to become a member, either paid or just registered, and then you can see their jobs and apply for them. Some jobs are not posted at all and recruiters, searchers and headhunters roam the various internet sites and any other resources they can lay their hands on to find resumes with the keywords that may be a fit for the jobs they have to offer.

We can help you find your way through this forest of search engines and jobsites.[break][break]

Websites come and go, please let us know about any broken links or scams you encounter on these sites.[break][break]


The Big Ones

Let’s look at the major large aggregation job search engines and their websites: also with a handy tool, BeKnown, that shows you who you know in the companies you apply to. (aggregates jobs from many websites, like monster or careerbuilder) (aggregates jobs not only from other job web sites but also from social media sites) (they actually search hundreds of other jobboards for you) shows the companies that have posted the jobs aims to become the largest job search site[break][break]

Also site that relates to DirectEmployers, a nonprofit human resources association, and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). typical search engine search engine that not only shows you the jobs, but also where they found them a job search site that has an international flavor This site requires free registration, so you may get lots of emails. Also it has not been updated with new information, other than jobs, since 2013 They boast that they let you apply in 60 seconds! Also they offer memberships at other sites and show where they have found the jobs they list. a search engine. If you are logged in they will include a map so you can see where the various jobs are. Boasting the greatest collection on Earth! a network of 18 local sites in other countries that offer job search service

JustJobs Search engine part of the larger latpro network. They offer a rather extensive jobsearch guide in their “academy” regular search engine not specific for temp jobs search engine for classified ads search engine but you need to sign up (free) before they show you jobs their claim to fame is that they work in 90 countries, have 28 languages and scan 58,000 websites every day by putting a country code in front of the name you can search country specific, e.g. for search in France. They also run industry specific job sites by changing to e.g. or the a search engine finding jobs per industry and per country searches per city, category or company searches in a few countries, offers a salary calculator from gross to net and has a listing of popular searches for category jobs

MyNewJobSearch job search engine job search engine, specifies locations, offers a map and categories of jobs. search engine with easy selection per state world wide job search engine searches jobs and stores resumes



Searching company websites owner of


Special groups for people retired but not yet tired (for government jobs) (for hourly workfoce) where you can register to find or offer a gig (site seems to have connection problems)

Volunteers searches companies committed to diversity for college graduates for college graduates for freelancers for veterans for veterans, not veterinarians !


Regional job sites


Function specific jobsites (for engineers, search possible per state) (technical and social media jobs) (for technology jobs)

Creative people construction industry jobs in the housing industry for the marketeers they will ask you what you are looking for and then forward you to one of their network sites that specializes in your function There are some problems with this site from time to time you need to have a truckers id to get into this site to search jobs for physicians for healthcare workers, registration required (link taken down temporarily the site seems to have issues)

Dental Professionals (US)

Dental job search

Dental placement service (UK) for healthcare workers ‘s industry specific websites a listing per category or function jobs for Human Resources interim managers jobs for HR professionals who knows they may have a vacancy for a governor or president!


Paid job sites a site that provides jobs from but for their premium customers provides 100 contacts you can reach to ask for jobs or to introduce yourself for flexible workers and home based jobs, need to register to see jobs or apply


Social networking sites

LunchMeet App to arrange lunch meetings with other people from LinkedIn who share your interests for a passive search (seems to have some connection issues at times)

Hired also a site where you post your resume and you will get offers, complete with salary ranges before the interview similar to jobrapp but mostly for tech and media folks now doing business as Savvy also similar but for more general jobs, this app seems to have changed the focus to promoting jobs specifically for females. Also mainly in the tech industry

ebay classifieds they do more than just jobs, they also have real estate or your next car and other connections another social network with classified ads and a job search engine. On this site you can also connect to your neighbors a classifieds search engine a classifieds search engine a mix of gig’s offered, jobs searched and classifieds search engine for jobs and classifieds


Leave your Resume although they also are a site where you can search, their first business is to collect your resume and make it available to recruiters

Hired also a site where you post your resume and you will get offers, complete with salary ranges before the interview

Pocket Resume is an app that enables you to create a resume from your smart device and mail it to companies in pdf format. you can leave your resume here or pay to advertise your freelance skills