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Great support for a few bucks!

When you are out of a job today, let us know and for the price of Venti Latte Coffee at Starbucks per week we offer help.
You can email us your resume and we’ll help you get it into shape.
We’ll go over your job goals together and find out what a good next step would be.
We can look over your cover letter and make some suggestions on what to add or delete.
You can get our advice on any offers you receive.[break][break]

We can practice interviews and give tips for visits.[break][break]

Basically we are committed to help you along and get you into your next job![break][break]

Contact us with the form below, or call 302-316-5627[break][break]

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(Starbucks is a registered brand from the Starbucks corporation no affiliation or endorsement from Starbucks should be construed we have no ties to Starbucks)