Networking is the best job search strategy

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It is a bit like in the old days when a father would recommend his son to the factory director and then the son would get an employment and would work in the factory for the remainder of his life. The director would know that this must be a great employee as his father and his father before him were great employees.[break][break]

Well in our global society we have moved away from that concept largely but the networking and recommendation approach still works very effectively. Although there are some requirements about advertising a job en applicant rights for equal opportunities the fact is that when you get a tip from a friend to apply or when your friend puts your resume in the right hands your opportunity to get hired just went up a big notch![break][break]

Networking may feel uncomfortable at first or you don’t really know how to do this but the start is very easy. Just start today with mentioning to someone you know that you are looking for another job and what job that you are aiming for. Just ONE will make a difference and be the start of a network. [break][break]

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