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Weeks with no answer from the recruiter on your carefully composed application! Hmmm, that happens alas all to often! It is rude not to inform your candidates who have taken the effort to declare their candidacy for employment at your company, about the results. Fear for allegations of discrimination or difficult questions about the recruitment process are often the cause for this. It is a reality unfortunately and consider this; the companies that don’t care about getting back to prospective employees may not be the companies you want to work for anyway.[break][break]

Having said that, there are many cases where your application will fall between the proverbial cracks. You need to stay alert and be diligent in following up with the companies you have applied for.[break][break]

In a case very near to me the applicant didn’t hear back, phone calls unanswered, phone messages not returned, emails unanswered so eventually the candidate called to find out what was going on.  Well it turned out the recruiter had been dismissed and, may be out of spite, had taken files with him and so the HR department was at a loss to know who their candidates were. A quick re-submission of the application resulted in a great job![break][break]

You will not all get that lucky, but see this as an encouragement to continue to explore vacancies when you don’t hear back. A quick email after two weeks is not uncommon.[break][break]

Keep it positive, suggest that you can provide additional information, mention that you are still very motivated to do the job and that you are eager to find out what the next steps in the procedure are. In my career in HR in large companies I have seen how applicants sometimes due to internal political wrangling had to wait for over one or more months to eventually be the best candidate and then were asked to come for an interview and got offered the job overnight. It happens, don’t get discouraged. Big companies have lots of red tape to work through.[break][break]

Finding the right email address to direct your question to is another hurdle. The recruiters won’t have their emails on the job posting in all cases and in larger companies where you have to provide a profile in an automated system there is totally no option to get a name or email from either the hiring manager or the recruiter. You can try to call the switch board for an email address or name in HR but that will most likely not work. See if you can find any email address on the company’s site and use a general email address to send your inquiry. If anything, you will be seen as someone who is eager and persistent. Also consider this…… What is the worse that can happen? They don’t hire you? Well that was why you inquired in the first place.[break][break]

So the summary is; be persistent, be polite, be positive and get on with it!