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Just an encouragement to jazz up the job search.

When you get absolutely no reactions on your applications, after a while, you need to reflect. There are several common causes for this:[break][break]

  • You apply to dream jobs that are not suited for you (yet)
  • You apply to jobs that you don’t qualify for
  • Your resume is not getting through the recruiter software
  • Your resume is not tweaked for the jobs you are applying for

The first two issues need a careful review of both your job search method but also your goals. Review if what you want is realistically what you can possibly do and have the qualifications for. Do you need additional training, a certificate, memberships etc. Are these the jobs that are right for you now or should you have more patience and get a more suitable job first at a great company and then make your career through promotions.[break][break]

The other two issues need work on the resume and cover letter. One size does not fit all jobs. Read our recommendations and get help with fixing any issue between you and the next job.[break][break]

Remember, you only need one job right? Sharpen your resume and be selective in which jobs you apply for to avoid lots of work and lots of disappointments.[break][break]