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Your education is one item that you will carry with you the rest of your career. Once you have done about five years in the workforce, people will generally be less interested in your GPA and school and more in your experience, unless you have attended one of the top schools in your field, that advantage will continue to play a role. After five years it becomes important to pay attention to what you do to polish your resume. Make sure you can add to your training something each year. Make sure that you either go deep and specialize in one particular field or diversify and show by the jobs you have had and the exposure to various environments that you are broad based but remember, every step on the resume will become a conversation point in every next job interview.

So think twice before making a move. The fact that you have been offered a job does not mean you have to take it. Consider not only the compensation and benefits and content of the job but also how it fits into your overall strategy for a career.