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This page provides an overview of our adventures with a few online resume builder services.[break][break]

We started off with the credentials from our friend Kenneth Kingsley from San Antonio and made up a resume with a computer science education at UT Austin and a career in three companies in Austin and Houston. Next we went to Indeed and created a basic standard resume from these data. Here is the result Indeed Resume _ Indeed [break][break]

Next we went to the Google docs template gallery  and used the Standard Resume with the Kenneth Kingsley data. Note that the Indeed resume did not ask us for our physical address but this template does. Also note that the template asks for a work URL, I’m at a loss what they mean by that, the company you work for?? We  now had to create a summary as the template asked for that so we added that in. The skills were combined in only one section at the bottom, no other information was requested and no references provided other than the mention that they would be provided upon request. Here is what we made CopyofResume-StandardGoogle [break][break]

The next stop was Resume Bucket We use the Free resume builder and the first thing that we notice is that the builder wants you to declare what your work authorization is. After filling out the first of the 5 pages that are apparently required to fill out we clicked on next repeated times but the fields all cleared and nothing seemed to be submitted.[break][break]

Onwards to Pongo resume builder We get started and can select from a whole range of templates and we can later change templates if we want so we go for the first available one. The first step is our contact details and a reminder to have a professional sounding email address as recruiters take note. The next page is our education and you need to fill out your GPA, so we choose a 3.5, somewhere between a B+ and an A-. The field is not compulsory and the hint tells us only to list our highest education although the software asks us if we would like to add more education. We decline and move on. On the next pages we fill out our experience and as we only get one text box for the description of our jobs, we combine both the description and accomplishments in the one box per job. The next field is for our summary of qualifications. This is slightly new so we add BA computer science, six years systems experience and three years supervisory experience. That completes the last step, next we have to make an account and get warned that we will receive marketing emails. On the following page we see our resume with buttons to edit if we want and options to email it or print it in various formats (We can indeed change the template with a touch of a button) although that costs money, about $15 per month or about $60 per year. It is a bit misleading that we started this by clicking the Pongo Resume FREE trial as advertised HERE because although it it free to set up, to actually use the resume you still need to pay and so we have made two screenshots to show you as we declined to upgrade our account:[break][break]

The first  Resume Pongo - Google Chrome 2252015 24105 AMThe secondAnother Resume Pongo - Google Chrome 2252015 24220 AM [break][break]

Tavorro is the next service we’ll try. They used to be called ResumeBear. The page tells us to start by signing up for free so we hit the button “start your profile”. When we want to register on the next page we need to make a choice from being a “career professional, employer or educational institution” Although the last option does not even work. the first two seem inappropriate for our purpose as we want to use the site as a job seeker. We choose Career professional and that seems to be their term for job seeker. After validation of the email address we can upload our resume (the one we created with indeed) to their service. The upload failed and the box just sat there telling us it would take several minutes to upload. Even switching browsers didn’t help much and also another pdf resume would not upload so we converted the indeed resume to a word format. This time after hitting the upload button it said “uploading….” for a few seconds and the same box appeared telling us it would take about two minutes to process. After waiting for an extended period of time, we gave up. As this service wasn’t capable to upload our resume, we are not so confident we should invest any more time in it.[break][break]

Next on our list is Resumizer They provide free service in two forms, either without membership, allowing you to make a resume, save it and all info will be lost if you close the page, or with a free membership that allows you to save it, edit it and even list it in their database so employers can find you. We go for the no membership option and it tells us to download a file that triggers a webpage where we can edit our resume. First you need to confirm the style you want, next the order in which you want to list your resume items and then pages appear with boxes to fill out. In our version it has an objective category but as we want to see what happens when we skip a box we leave that blank. The following step allows us to upload a photo or use a monogram and now you can see that this software has been created in the time when resume parsers were not common yet. These days I would recommend against any fancy formatting as not to confuse the resume parser when uploading your resume to a prospective employer. The system works fine, the layout is very basic, the pagination is horrible and the bullets need to be carefully crafted. But Hey it is free and asks all the right questions. The advantage of this over a google or word template is not much though, unless you make a free account and take advantage of other advice on their website. Here are the resumes we created:[break][break]

the pdf myresumeresumizer  the wordfile myresumeresumizer [break][break]

The next service we’ll try is Resume-now here we can also start with uploading our (indeed) resume. They ask you a couple of question about your level and career field and they ask about special circumstances in your situation, like gaps in your employment or changing career direction before they suggest a template.With uploading the indeed resume the software got confused as it included all the edit buttons and comments like “your resume is not visible” that were included on the indeed resume. So we won’t use that one anymore. When we uploaded the google resume instead, we found out that it skipped the contact details, even the name as a result probably from the fancy google formatting with the name on the sidebar.[break][break]

So we ended up using the converted indeed resume in word and that was the best match after upload. The system had great examples of objectives to choose from and also good qualification to add to the resume. The skills section was not accurately imported from the jobs we listed so we edited it a bit. In the section relevant experience we could list, using their examples, statements about our capabilities that would qualify us for the position.[break][break]

In the experience section it added in an operations supervisor job that it apparently took from the accomplishments section so that got deleted. After completion the best thing was to hover over the various templates to see them change immediately. The catch comes at the end when you need to pay to be able to do anything with your resume. $1.95 for 14 days with auto renewable invoicing of $9.95 every 4 weeks or $7.95 per month. We didn’t pay so here is a screen print of how it looked:[break][break]

resume-now resume [break][break] was next. We uploaded the word version of or resumizer resume and that worked pretty well. Smooth process we choose the first template, all of our information was correctly uploaded and after some editing and the addition of a professional summary paragraph with examples provided by the system our resume was ready. As a final step it allowed us to change some formatting like line spacing, paragraph spacing or font. The cost of downloading were the exact same as with Resume-now so it seems these services have a similar background. [break][break]

ResumeHelp - resume [break][break]

Our next resume is made by resumegenius after a few clicks we decided to go for the harvard style resume for a change. The system walks us through a number of the regular fields but it does not allow us to upload a resume to get started. They provide standard skills for jobs that you can search but that’s all no other example writings or clues. Pretty much a basic service. Again the pricing is identical to resume now and resume help so I guess there is one company powering those websites. Here is a screenshot from our Harvard resume:  [break][break]

resume genius [break][break]

Basically there are a few companies that have a resume building software and the various sites that offer resume building services are mostly affiliates from these companies. is one of the better ones that powers some of the sites above. You can also straight go to their site and work with their other tools, like the career test, cover letter builder or their videos with right and wrong answers to common interview questions.[break][break]

The state of New York has a career zone, also with a basic resume builder check it out HERE [break][break]

In case you are still uncertain about what career direction you want they also offer an assessment tool HERE [break][break]

Then there is Pocket Resume, a tool on your smart device to easily create and maintain a resume that you can send to potential employers or recruiters. The app takes care of all formatting and changing the format to pdf.

So after basically doing the same or similar software a couple of times, you get the idea. In our view all of these products are fine to get you started and once you have a draft start editing it to ensure it is exactly what you would like.[break][break]

After reviewing it and adding all the information, we are available for a resume critique and re-write suggestions, just contact us.[break][break]