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When you are young in your career you may be restless and anxious and dream of a stellar career and fast rise through the ranks in your company or trade. The unfortunate truth is that most careers are more like a marathon than a sprint.[break][break]

In a marathon, you need to take care to pace yourself. don’t start too fast so you can keep the pace until the end. Ensure you drink and eat enough along the way and run your own race, don’t be too distracted by your opponents.  Other people may get shinier jobs and assignment but when you peak too early without taking on board the necessary experience and advanced learning, you will eventually not be able to keep up with the demands of the position and your career may end up hurting.[break][break]

There are three stages in life, Learn, Earn and Return. Likewise in your career, Learn, then Earn and eventually pass on the experience and help to mentor younger staff; Return.[break][break]