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Running is my favorite metaphor for anything to do with careers. You can see a career as a run. Mainly a marathon, not usually a sprint. It means that you need to train hard to  be able to complete it with success. Well your average 18+ years in formal education will take care of that.[break][break]

Important is also that you learn how to pace yourself, as to not get to exhausted in the first miles. Your first jobs will take care of that.[break][break]

Next it is important not to loose focus and ensure you maintain a steady pace with getting enough food and liquid during the run. This translates in being goal oriented and ensuring you continue to learn throughout your career to maintain and increase your value to employers.[break][break]

If you haven’t done anything lately in terms of education or course work, consider the availability of free courses made available by great universities.[break][break]

good places to start are here: