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Is your career stuck or not started yet? Trouble with your resume? We can help. Mail your message and resume to ResumeReview@icoach4careers.com and we will give you three great tips to improve your options to get interviews. Absolutely free of charge!

We won’t pester you with up-sales, we won’t sell your email and we won’t spam you either. We are just trying to help.

Our site is filled with great information on interviews, resumes, cover letters etc. Just click around and take advantage of all this free information.

When you need more support, we are available but there will have to be some charges. But first just click around for free and look over all the free available information collected and developed for you.

Don’t feel that you need to develop that career on your own, great singers have coaches, football teams have coaches, not because they are bad at what they do but to enhance the opportunities to excel and make a great impression.

We can be that coach for you, start easy and free; look around. Mail us when you need more help.

So to be specific:

  • mail us your resume for three tips – FREE
  • Have us rework your resume after a phone or skype session – $125
  • Ask us to start a brand new resume and coverletter and tips on how to tweak these for use in a variety of situation –  $250

Do you want to practice a phone or skype interview? We can do that too, no problem.

Good Luck, hope to speak to you soon.