Your career is like a maze, get help navigating it

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Careers can be like a maze, you make progress, you think you know where you are going but unexpectedly you hit a wall and need to turn back in order to move in a different direction to continue your track. [break][break]

Sometimes a job has no perspective and no future anymore and you have learned all you can learn in that job. If the company can not offer you something better you are sometimes facing the option to take a similar or even lower job at a different company that does have growth opportunities. Taking a step back or side ways to eventually longer term position yourself in the right spot for a better continuation of your career is no problem, you just need to plan for it. There may be temporary financial consequences but the alternative would be to get stuck in the job that you are in now or keep trying to get a promotion somewhere else.[break][break]

So don’t dismiss these unorthodox career opportunities immediately and think about it, see how it can help you in the long run.[break][break]

A career is not a sprint, but more like a marathon.[break][break]